Tuesday, May 01, 2012

little change = big impact.

No one would look at our kitchen and call it tiny. It's actually quite sizable. But as a girl who loves her kitchen gear, and as someone who loves to cook, I am going to call it inefficient.

There's a big chunk of counter wedged behind our sink, useless and collecting random items. There are only two real drawers, and the folks who built this house made the unfortunate choice not to upgrade the cabinets to the tall ones--so ours are kind of squat and don't house as much as I would like.

And our pantry--though we are really glad to have a pantry--is skinny and deep, making it a bear to keep organized.

So. All of this it to tell you that on Sunday, while at Target, I spent $38 on two baskets. And they make me immensely happy. They sit on top of our refrigerator. This is where our boxes of cereal and various bread-ish items (english muffins, whole wheat bread, bagels, etc.) now live. Before they just kind of splayed out across the top of the refrigerator. But now they look nice. And are organized. AND I can lift them off without too much trouble! (Being pregnant has left much desired regarding my ability to reach for anything on a high shelf!)

Ain't they grand?

Also, on....um...a day last weekend, I can't quite remember which. Probably Saturday? Definitely Saturday. Oh, baby brain.

So, on Saturday we went to whole f00ds to mosey about and get some steaks and the like, and I decided to check out the protein powders. Ever since we got that positive test I've worried about my protein intake--because you need MORE when you're pregnant and I am just not a huge fan of meat in general. That and sushi is off the menu (well, sort of ) and for a while I found all chicken repulsive! And I've been avoiding cold lunch meat too. So I was eating edamame daily and snacking on peanut butter and having nuts and eating greek yogurt basically doing whatever I could to sneak in protein. And then, months ago, I asked my doctor about protein powder and got the go ahead--and what a relief it was, since mixing some and chugging it was easier than psyching myself up to eat whatever it was.

BUT. The one I picked had stevia in it. And I could taste it every time I used it. And I didn't want to be wasteful, but I also didn't want it. So we looked for alternatives--and I found this. And it tastes better, has fewer ingredients (and none unpronounceable!) and and and--no artificial sweetener! And double bonus, it doesn't foam up in my magic bullet like the other did. Yay for green smoothies without foam!


Leanne said...

I love this post. I love organization, have squaty cabinets also, and struggled with protein throughout my pregnancy. I bought protein powder in the bins at Sprouts - whey protein, I believe, and loved it. I added it to oatmeal and couldn't taste the difference. I also put yogurt or cottage cheese in my smoothies for more protein. I was told to get 100g, I believe, which was an incredible challenge for me. I also stayed away from lunch meat but found cheese sticks very helpful in grabbing a few grams quickly.

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