Friday, May 04, 2012

"you look like a fit pregnant woman"

that phrase, my friends, was music to my ears. Matt said it to me after I tried on a new maternity shirt from the Gap. (this one, in orange) I wore it to work and one of my coworkers/friends said hello to me as she walked by my workstation. And then actually backtracked to say "WOW, that color looks great on you!"


I've a feeling that I am going to miss some of my maternity clothes this time next year.

I am sure that I will also welcome the return of my abdominal muscles. And I'll enjoy wearing normal jeans and not having to push with my arms in order to stand up without groaning. And sleeping on my stomach. Oh and BEER. For the love of all that is holy, beer.

Which, by the way--I went to the birthday party of a very cute little girl on Saturday. She turned one and I've been photographing her this year, and I think her momma is the bees knees. While there another pregnant gal (and another one of my photography clients) and I were chatting and I said how sad I was that there seemed to be no such thing as a non-alcoholic wheat beer. That 0'd0uls Amber actually wasn't half bad, but that I'm a seasonal beer drinker (I like dark stouts in the winter and wheats in the summer and the spicy pumpkin ones in the fall--though please, please let me skip the IPAs) and I miss the wheat.

one of the guests at the party who was probably old enough to by my parent or uncle said "you miss BEER?!?!" quite incredulously. I responded with "yes, I do. We're kind of beer nerds--we visit breweries, like tasting beers and even brew our own." He just stared. And then in response I said "I've had a couple of different non-alcoholic beers and most of them aren't good at all, but there's one that is. But really I just wish there was a wheat one!" He said, "wait, you can HAVE non-alcoholic beer??? Isn't there still alcohol in there?" [also, WHAT?!? who is this dude?]

I said "um, yeah. It's like 0.5 %. You get more alcohol than that rinsing out your mouth with Listerine."

He said half jokingly/half serious "you shouldn't drink Listerine."

I said "oh, no, I mean, when you use Listerine the alcohol absorbs through your tongue. I don't mean drinking it." and smiled real big.

And then, thankfully, someone else came into the room and the convo changed. Such strangeness!

(and before anybody decides to lecture--I've had a maximum of two in one sitting, I am very well hydrated and seriously?!? there are bigger fish to fry!)


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