Monday, May 14, 2012

it's funny, the power of just a few words.

I had planned to tell y'all all about my mother-to-be's day weekend. Matt made it delightful--to the extent that even though I'm not a huge fan of the holiday (it leaves people out), and even though I'm not sure if I'm qualified to celebrate it, I actually found myself really liking it!

but I digress...

so, today at 1130ish I got a phone call from a Tulsa number I didn't know. I decided to answer it. And it was my grandmother.

And as many of you know, interactions with my Granny tend to be....let's go with unpredictable. But I answered, and she immediately began to apologize that she hadn't called, tell me how she was overwhelmed by everything in life, thank me for remembering her on Mother's day, said she figured that she needed to let me go because I was at work, etc. I told her that no, I could talk for a few minutes.

So we talked about how she'd finally moved into her new apartment. And about how the floors had to be re-done, and she'd hired a new real estate person to sell her home, and how everything was still in boxes. And then she said "but enough about me, I want to know how things are going with you! and with your pregnancy!"

So I told her. And she listened, patiently, and commented, and asked questions. This hasn't happened for a good while now, you seems like she's always got too much going on to talk about things like how things are in my life. Which is really okay--it seems like there's always a "fire" to put out in my family. But still. It was nice for her to ask.

We talked about how during the sonogram I could see our baby's BRAIN. And about the miracle of modern medicine. And I told her that I'd be calling her next Sunday to let her know if we're having a little girl or a little boy. We talked about how exciting it was to know, because in her time, and even for two of my mother's pregnancies, you couldn't find out the gender. And now you can!

I then asked her if there was anything I could do (from afar) to help with any of her stresses--and she said "you're doing it. Calling you and hopefully getting to talk to you was my treat to myself today."


And then she said--"I want you to know, Carrie, how much I love you and your husband and your--well, your heir. Granddaddy and I both do. I know he's not here to tell you, but I want you to know you all are wrapped up in our love, every day, all the time. We love all three of you and are so happy for you and we are both so proud of you, Carrie. Every day, all the time. I just wanted to you to know that. I love you."

and then I began to cry.
and I also might've just cried while typing this. :)

And I'm sharing it with the blog-o-verse because I want to remember this moment. I know I will need it in the future. And I am so grateful for that little eight minute conversation with my grandmother this morning. So very, very grateful. And amazed at how much I needed to hear those few short sentences. :)


Lisa Bistreich-Wolfe said...

wow so happy for you carrie! I teared up just reading this! So sweet:)

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