Friday, May 11, 2012

"I've noticed something different about you..."

~my coworker.

So, now that I'm really-for-real-there's-no-doubt-if-I'm-pregnant-or-if-I-just-need-to-lay-off-the-beer, some people have started commenting.

For whatever reason they haven't heard, didn't know, etc. And their way of making sure their eyes aren't deceiving them makes me giggle.

some things I'm loving right now:

fruit, fruit, fruit and fruit. 

no, really. today: green smoothie (spinach and kale, OJ, almond milk, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, frozen pineapples, flax seed, brown rice protein powder and water. SO GOOD.) cantaloupe. blueberries.

and I've got strawberries, a pear and a banana on deck.

gap's pure body vneck tees.

they're the ones that made matt say I looked like "a fit pregnant woman." they are comfy, thick enough that I don't have to wear a tank under and fun colors!

gap's ribbed maternity tanks.

oh heavens to betsy, I had no idea how much I NEEEEEDED these before I got them. I have two right now and will be buying more because I'm pretty sure I'm going to live in them outside of work. they are wonderfully cut, flattering and don't have ruching on the side, which is spectacular when you want to sleep. they make me happy.

my doctor's office.

I had a very very very teeny tiny scary moment earlier this week. Short-lived, but I called the nurse line at my doctor's office. She said if it happens again they'll want to see me, but otherwise [insert eleven totally normal possible causes here]. This was Wednesday? Or Tuesday. Anyway, this AM they called to follow up and left a message saying that the nurse had discussed it and all was well. :)


fo rizzle. I've been going to see my acupuncturist for pretty basically six months now. He is kind of my personal hero. Just a little. :) I feel better, I genuinely believe that it helped with both conceiving a child and the resolution of our scary hemorrhage (but is not the only reason for either of those, of course!) and many other things. and yesterday, it helped with this pain I've been having in my ribs, the one right below my bra. He said he thought it was a pinched nerve, treated me for it and I am much improved today. Still not 100% but definitely feeling less like an old woman :D

not traveling so much.

don't get me wrong, I LOVE to travel. love, love, love. I want to make sure we travel a lot with Small Fry just so he/she will be accustomed to it. but man, it's been good to stay at home for almost two months straight!

we have some trips coming up--one to somewhere we haven't selected yet over memorial day weekend (I really want it to have a pool!), one to see my fabulous in-laws, one to attend our cousin's wedding...and then we stop. I hope to take one more just-the-two-of-us trip in mid July (close enough to not cause alarm with our doctors) but other than that, I think we are staying put!

that it's friday.

sakes alive, I'm really glad it's friday. this weekend is one of the fullest I've had in a looooong time (still working on paying off that camera!) but I am ultra glad it's the weekend still! 2 sessions in high point, a very short wedding and bridal portraits. and a prenatal massage and a trip to get burgers & brew here in d-town. :)


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