Sunday, May 06, 2012

our second anniversary

was in april. I didn't really blog about it. but I did want to chronicle it anyway.

the second year is cotton. matt got me some SUPER high thread count sheets. he is always taking such thoughtful care of me--y'see, that whole "huge burst of energy" you allegedly get in the second trimester? yeah, I call shenanigans. I've been sleeping every chance I get and taking a LOT of naps. Because my eyeballs don't seem to want to stay open.

so, since the second year is cotton, matt got me sheets. so I could be as comfy as possible during my many, many naps. :)

I did two things--one I've yet to finish. I got a LOT farther on our wedding album. I think I have six spreads to go and a few changes to make. But my goal is to finish it by the end of May. I am WAY pleased with how it turned out, and can't wait to order it!

Thing two, I made him a present. On cotton canvas! I freezer paper stenciled the state. I have wanted state art showing Oklahoma, Georgia and North Carolina (which all end in A's I just realized) for a long time--and still do. But I wanted to make something specific for the state where we met, and where our first child will be born. :)

we haven't decided where to hang it yet, but we will. Matt really liked it! It's the second piece of art I've given him. I still think the first is probably my best painting ever! Loved that trip, and that tree. And you know what's crazy? On that trip, which happened more than 5 years before we'll have a kiddo, we already pretty much knew our kiddo's names. Okay, well we for sure knew George's (people actually asked me if I was going to let Matt name a son GeorgeJosephFryIV on that trip--when we'd been dating for like 4 months! but I already knew the answer was yes, ha!) and I wasn't sure if I'd be going with Claire Cleona or Cleona Claire...but I knew those two, too. Crazy that we knew Small Fry's name that many moons ago. :)


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