Friday, November 09, 2012

my mom is very good about reminding me.... write stuff down.

today I donated thirty servings of my breast milk. Cleona's breast milk.

I had 85 feedings worth in my freezer when I decided to do so. I now have 62ish. So it's not like I'm up a creek from doing this. But that's nearly a gallon of milk I gave away.

I gave it to a woman I don't know--not even her name or the gender or her baby. I know the baby is four weeks-ish old and the mom was diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo. It's my understanding that that is why she cannot breastfeed.

It's her second child, so during the first two weeks she was able to build up a small supply before starting chemo. Thus far, this kiddo hasn't had formula. Moms from all over the US have shared and sent their milk so that this child can have it because that's what the mom had wanted to do so much.

I find this amazing. And such a testament to the power of women.

My mom reminded me that one day I'd want Cleona to know that I did this. Breastfeeding is important, in my opinion (and in science's, but moving in). I also believe that giving to others is important.

But this gift was not without guilt--because what if my supply dried up next week?! Thirty feedings would last six days! That's almost another week.

I did it because I can.
I did it because I believe a woman who would ask for this kind of help would do it for another if the situation were reversed.
And I did it because I can't help but think that it is one shining star in this mom's life right now knowing that her child is being fed so well, and that the baby is getting a stronger immune system because of mommies all over.

In a few weeks, if my supply holds up and she needs it, I hope to be able to give more. Though it has caused some difficulties for both Cleona and me, I am grateful that I have milk aplenty and was able to share. :)
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