Saturday, November 24, 2012

this photo is of terrible quality.

but it's the best thing I've seen in days.

we've been in augusta visiting the frys. Cleona has had a grand old time seeing her cousins. But her sleep schedule is meeeeeesssssed up. Travel + growth spurt + crazy stimuli = bad news bears.

Wednesday night she woke at 1230, 440, 700 and 1000.

Last night she would.not.go.down. I think a little of it may have been that we forgot to tell some people about her just-before-sleeping cries. But she didn't nap during the day until 4pm, when she zonked out in the moby. I ate thanksgiving dinner with her strapped to my body, and then we went for a walk, too!

And then, like I sleep til Brooklyn, which apparently means 1am in Cleona time. Poor girl.

But tonight at 1025 I laid her down. And she's been asleep for two hours. And this makes my heart oh so very happy!


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