Monday, November 12, 2012

if it weren't so late...

I would be more eloquent. :)

We went to a rehearsal dinner. Matt stayed for the wedding. Compliments were heaped upon us. It was amazing. see: FB status (aka photo 3)

The $5 sling from the consignment sale, the one I really just bought because I liked the fabric, is awesomesauce. Additionally I kind of want to see my own sling. I think I'm gonna.

I also want a new sewing machine, an iPad mini or kindle fire (for Skype and/or facetime) and a point and shoot camera. In other words amazon will be getting serious cash from us over the next several months.

Cleona rocked the tie-dye onesie from Asheville today. Then pooped on it. And once changed, she ate and then took a delightfully cuddly nap on me. Baby cuddles make my heart sing.

And so does Cleona. She is, hands down, the very best thing I have ever done in my whole life. Just FYI.

I think when we have future kiddos I'm going to have to grow additional hearts (yes plural) to hold all the love. Mine is already bursting at the seams ;)
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