Saturday, November 17, 2012

the worst first yet.

Cleona has her worst first yet. I'm quite certain it isn't her worst first ever--but it's certainly no fun.

And it is a "who-can-tell-for-sure!?" thing.

She has her first runny nose (a cold?) and her first fever (nose related or from yesterday's vaccines?). It was 101 this afternoon at 99.8 later in the day. We now own infant tylenol. It took trips to two stores--the lady at babies r us talked to my like I was asking for a unicorn or the easter bunny. She said infant Tylenol doesn't exist. Clearly she is wrong. Anyway.

In any case it is no fun. For anyone. She is fussy and snotty and making the little high pitched whistle noises from dry nose yuckiness. Poor kiddo.

Hopefully she will be right as rain in time for her baptism Sunday!


katandkarl said...

Our pediatrician told us infant tylenol is being phased out; now they all should use children's tylenol but to confirm the dosage with your pediatrician for under 2 (I think?). Something about the concentration of the infant tylenol being so high. :)

It's still super confusing b/c some people apparently do it and some don't?

No clue. Just hope she doesn't get a cough b/c they can't have cough medicine until they're like 25. :)

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