Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"well, eden was a garden, you know..."

~roman candle

I love the local college radio station--wknc--you can stream them, if you like. they play lots of indie music and even have a local lunch. love it!

so, back to the wedding stuff before I forget...

we all came back to the hotel to get ready, and syd came to my room with me. and BOY was she a lifesaver! so, matt and my wedding present to each other was cowboy boots. all because when elizabeth went shopping for them with me and I kind of balked at the price a little (it was ~$40 more than I expected) she reminded me that they were a lifetime investment.

when I came home and showed matt my boots he said "well, you know what this means, right? now that you have boots I need to get some." and after I told him what elizabeth said, we just knew they were the right thing to get!

so, when I wore the boots to our engagement pictures, I had to use plastic bags to get them on. I have a very high instep, y'see, and that means they're difficult to get on. I brought more bags with when I came to tulsa, but they were grocery ones, not the ones from the store and they wouldn't pull off--I just got the tops off, and I didn't want to walk around all night with my feet in bags!

but syd, my only friend who probably even knows the right way to do this, took my boots from me and stretched them out! she rides horses, y'see. and then I could put them on without bags at all!

we went to the rehearsal, which went just fine. I was kind of surprised that we said our full vows to each other then BUT it wasn't a big deal. somewhere I have pictures of it, but I'm not sure where they are right now. anyway, after the rehearsal and checking out the barn again it was time for dinner!

we went to chimi's on 15th and all squeeeeezed into their back room. we enjoyed margaritas and beer and awesome tex-mex. I was REALLY glad we got to have tex-mex, specifically chimi's, because it meant that we gave our out-of-town guests my two favorite oklahoma foods--chimi's and zio's!

and after dinner we went to the hospitality room at the hotel. there was food and a cake with these cool wax hands on it--(george correct me if I'm wrong) I *believe* they were on grandma (martha's) wedding cake oh so long ago. It was cute that we had a cake to cut since saturday we just had cupcakes.

we still needed to make flowers, and it was AMAZING because SO MANY PEOPLE pitched in! even the guys--michael (mary alise's husband, featured multiple times on this blog, such as here, here and here) and trevor (my now brother in law) even pitched in! we got them done SO fast--if only we'd had more than two pairs of scissors I think we would've been done in like ten minutes!

and then it was time for bed. it was kind of funny because I refused to get in bed until I had a list of things to take with me in the morning and jennifer refused to leave my room until she saw me take an ambien. quite hilarious, I thought! but both were QUITE important. apparently matt stayed up drinking with the guys until 3am, but I was in bed by 1230 because I NEEDED it.

and I'm actually really glad I ended up staying in our room, and staying by myself. it was kind of the only "carrie time" I got--and I actually really needed it! whew! next up: day o' our wedding!!!


JLee said...

Gotta love the drugs! :)

Elizabeth, Dave, and Reid said...

yay for the boots! ;)

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