Tuesday, May 18, 2010

when I was in college...

I had a bit of a revelation. I came to the realization that though I didn't know my "ultimate purpose" (and believe you me, I still don't) that one of the things I was supposed to do in life was bring others joy.

to be really honest, it's actually why I tend to compliment strangers. and why I like to give people praise. it's not fake or forced. it's just that instead of merely thinking those things, I like to make sure to SAY them, even if it is a little awkward or completely random.

so, a few weeks ago, when Matt and I went to see WICKED, we went to a bar afterwards. and saw that a few members of the cast was there--the wizard, Dr. Dillamond, Fiyero and a few others. They were out of costume and enjoying a few brews.

Matt isn't as outgoing as I am, so I decided not to say anything because he'd be there with me and that would make him uncomfy. But then we realized he could just stay outside while I ran back in. So I did. And the cast members seemed pretty thrilled that I came over to tell them how amazing they were and to thank them.

so, anyway, we get to the car and Matt is saying that he loves it that I do that--that I go up and say nice things to complete strangers. and I tell him when that started--about how I had always kind of done that, but then in college...etc.

and then I said that I feel like maybe I don't do that as much as I used to. And maybe I have forgotten that I had realized that that was a "Carrie job"--to bring joy to others. I mean, my name even means "Song of Joy-Reborn"--could it BE any more appropriate?

And then Matt said something that makes me smile each time I think of it--that I am VERY much still spreading joy. He almost kind of laughed at me as he pointed out that something I do ALL the TIME, nearly every weekend, is a source of joy for others. "Your pictures, Carrie. The pictures you take. If that isn't a way of spreading joy then I just don't know what is."


just had to share.


Zan said...

I have to agree with Matt 10000000% there. You bring lots of joy in to my life!

Misha said...

So what I love about this is it reminds me of my own husband. It is funny how we tend to not see great things in ourselves and then they see it in us and can't believe we don't see it too...I guess that is why we married them!!! Many more moments of this to come for you!

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