Thursday, March 18, 2010

we've decided we're going to have to eighty-six the thirty-six once we get to thirty-seven.

chew on that for a minute.



so, yesterday was Matt and my 3 year anniversary. here's one. and two. and this? this is three. :)

Matt likes to give things that represent something. This time, he chose 36. 3x12=36. :) He gave me practical things, like kleenex packets and supercute cocktail napkins. He gave me some gorgeous flowers, a card that says silly things when you open it and some junior mints. And some pajama pants. And 20 double A rechargeable batteries--which I am super excited about! But most importantly, he gave me love. and time with him. and that is all I could have asked for in the world. :)

We went out to dinner at Brixx because, sadly, that Uno's we visited on our first date is now closed for business. As a matter of fact, it closed last sunday. And as of yesterday at 4pm, it is now open as a Mason's Chophouse. I have no idea if they're any good, but I am sure we will find out. We did our usual at Brixx--splitting a salad and a pizza--and also signed up for their newest MBA (Master of Beer Appreciation) program. AND I got to have the seasonal New Belgium beer--Mighty Arrow. Pretty yummy pale ale!

We came home and opened gifts and watched Smallville together (SO appropriate--we watched it after he proposed, too!) and then went to sleep.

Oh, but not before we had this super delicious amazing cupcake. My dearest friend and gal o' honor (just kidding, maid of honor) Jennifer gave it to us to celebrate. It was this chocolate guinness deliciousness that I didn't even remember to take a picture of--but BOY was it GOOD! She said it was also a test run for a month from now! EEKS! A.MONTH.FROM.NOW. !

ahem, anyway! It was SO scrumptious that even Gobi and Hazel were vying for a piece of it. I shared the teeeeensiest bit of icing with them, and they ate it right up and wanted more! So good! A wonderful way to cap off a great anniversary celebration. :)

oh, and about eighty-sixing the thirty-six once we get to thirty-seven...we talked about it, and though we will always recognize St Patty's day, for the sake of our future kiddos we will be re-starting the clock on our 37th monthiversary, which is the day we'll get married. We can always add 37 and remember. But we'll start over then to avoid confusion. :D which if you're saying "duh!" well--that's how you do things. it's not what we had intended, but it's what we're gonna do :)

and ps: a heartfelt thanks to matt's parents for being his inspiration for our monthiversary celebrating! they're at somewhere in the 480s for their monthiversaries! (sorry, too rushed to count it all out!) but anyway--cute, huh?


Mickie said...

Ha.. this made me laugh at the end! Jack always complains that he doesn't get 'credit' for the years before we got married. LOL. That's life! :)

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