Thursday, February 11, 2010

"whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul."

~horatio spafford

I have been feeling pretty freakin' emotionally overwhelmed recently. Not oh-my-gosh-there-aren't-enough-hours-in-the-day overwhelmed, but like there just keeps on being thing after thing that is upsetting or frustrating or hurtful.

and it is totally getting the best of me.

and yeah, yeah, blah blah my problems are small in the grand scheme yada blah. I know that. but as I explained to someone else (on a very different topic) it's like when your arm is bruised and someone touches it and hurts. farrrr more than it would normally. because you are already bruised. yep, that.

so instead of trying to talk myself into thinking about the grand scheme of things, or whatever, I will just remember "it is well, with my soul."

on an unrelated-ish note (except that it's all the lenten music that got me thinking...)--I am seriously considering giving up the word "like" for Lent. As in "I was like, blah blah blah." we'll see. I've just noticed myself saying that more and I don't like it!

oh, and last fun story. guess who has two thumbs and got a prescription for an epi pen today? yep, this kid!

I got my first vial of allergy drops (for under-the-tongue use!) and with them came a prescription for an epi pen! woohoo!

oh wait and one more. guess who FINALLY refunded my money. yep, the lady who sold me this. two months after I bought it, one month after it arrived and three weeks after I returned it to her, I FINALLY have my money back. minus shipping charges, which I think is pretty crappy considering that she mis-listed the dress and I'm out on shipping twice, but fine, whatever. I am just relieved to have a dress to wear that fits (I bought one, I think I mentioned that!) and glad to be done with the other lady. whew!

tomorrow's post will have pictures. :)


Elizabeth, Dave, and Reid said...

ohhh, I like that hymn. a favorite of mine. it will be okay, carrie!

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