Friday, February 05, 2010

today I have consumed

1 granola bar.
1 to-go cup of coffee.
3.5 glasses of orange juice. (I couldn't get enough!)
1 bowl of wayne's.
1 container o' yogurt.
1 can of original coca-cola.
3 gaiam bottles of water
and a 100 calorie pack of sour patch kids.

I do not usually eat like this. I'm kind of grossed out by today's menu. But at the same time, I feel like I might just scream at the next person who asks me to do something for this proposal. sooooooo I will just be thankful that I have eaten, because otherwise I do think I would've become a really scary monster. just fyi.


brooke knight said...

dude!they make 100 calorie packs of sour patch kids? i am so all over that!
hope your day got better!

Misha said...


I am almost 99% sure I officially have a minor eating disorder....If I ate like that I would make myself puke.

Must be one stressful day.

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