Friday, February 12, 2010

"don't, don't you worry, about the atmosphere , or any sudden pressure change, cause i know that it's starting to get warm in here and things..."

are starting to get strange.

~andrew bird

my friend sjg put up this link on his twitter. it's full of cartoons mocking al gore and the "theory" or global warming. and it frustrates the heck out of me.

dear people of the world who, I am assuming, don't ever bother to read the fine print:

(or for that matter, anything but headlines). Or, assuming you did read it, or didn't care to read it, or just don't know...well...Global warming does NOT mean that we are going to have 365 days of hot hot summer every year. It does not mean we won't have seasons. It does not mean it will not get cold.

As a matter of fact? The reason it's so important that we do what we can to stop global warming is actually quite simple--we have gotten our eco-balance all out of whack. Record highs and record snows all in a year, hmm? It's like if you're playing jenga and you slowly take away all but one of the blocks from the bottom 5 rows. yeah, yeah, it's gonna balance for a while. and then it's going to sway some. maybe everything will rotate one way or the other, away from the original orientation.

and then the tiniest nudge is going to be what brings down the house.

With this in mind, the cartoons are actually pretty funny :)



ps: this one is one of my favorites. (And the source is listed on the bottom of the comic)


Renee said...

i saw a good quote in an article on yahoo: "weather is what happens this weekend, climate is what happens over a several decades." and then talked about how the snow is actually a result of overall warmer temperatures, blah, blah, evidence, blah...but i liked that summation. :-)

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