Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"[I] fell victim to one of the classic blunders..."

~the princess bride

note: pardon the posting, un-posting and re-posting. for a hot minute there it looked like I might be stuck with this, but now all is well. though she did mis-measure, we all make mistakes, and the lady does get two thumbs up for customer service!

um, well, sort of.

so, this? this is NOT my wedding dress. isn't it lovely? and awesomely vintage? and wouldn't it be just darling as a wedding dress? if you said yes, then you have two eyeballs and know me well.


despite the very, very clear typing on the post saying that this dress had a 38 inch bust, it actually does not. no, not even a little. as a matter of fact, it doesn't even have a 36 inch bust. nope, nope, it's more like 34. because a 34 inch bust is for someone who is, oh, a 32 B. Which I clearly am not.

and you know what? if it had *said* that? I never, ever would've purchased it.

so, this is NOT my wedding dress. and my classic blunder? going through the entire mental process of "do I need to lose weight? should I try to fit in this dress? do I want to spend the next 3 months starving myself and working out like a mad person? should I reconsider creating some sort of 'wedding diet?'"

and the answer to all of these questions is the same: no. absolutely not.

soooooo. I am going to go actual wedding dress shopping and *try* not to be snippy with the employees who suggest buying a dress a size smaller to encourage me to diet, or who want me to wear the value of a small honda on my torso for, oh, 8 hours. I am pretty bummed about this--especially since I really, really wanted a vintage dress--but alas, 3 months is not a ton of time, and I just don't know that I'll be able to find a vintage one in time.

on the plus side? now I know it's definitely not "me" it really is that the dress was mis-measured. and I can also show y'all the picture of the pretty dress. and I can now say that I know for sure that I want either a strapless dress or a vneck dress. And that I prefer strapless.

positive thoughts, icing and silver lining, Carrie. positive thoughts, icing and silver lining.

and bah humbug.


Kathrine said...

Did you take it to a tailor? If the dress fits everywhere else, they might be able to put panels in the bodice to make it slightly bigger on the top.

Maria said...

Used dress shops are popping up all over. Maybe you can find one of those?

P.S. If my breasts drop down to a 32B, I'll gladly wear the dress to your wedding. LOL!

care said...

@kathrine no, I didn't. unfortunately I don't think they could put in that amount of fabric in a way that wouldn't look like I'd had fabric added. I need another four inches around the top--and there's very little give at the seams :(

@maria yeah, I'm gonna try to find a used dress shop. but really I just don't have oodles of time. :( I am at least going to go *look* --and if I am not able to sell the dress, I just might let you ;)

Lisa said...

oh bummer, i can totally see why you loved that dress but i'm sure you'll find something even more wonderful that's perfect for you:)

Imperfection Is Perfection said...

Makes me think twice about the online idea. :/ I'm sure you'll find something just as perfect in plenty of time!

JLee said...

Having seen the dress, it is so pretty and in amazing condition. Having tried on the dress, it was definitely mis-measured. I am right around the size the dress measures, and even I would need about two more inches of fabric or a few less ribs! Carrie, you will survive dress shopping, I promise!

Maria said...

I'm not sure I'd fit either. My 34C's have yet to drop down to a 32B. It really is a lovely dress though.

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