Thursday, January 14, 2010

more pretty things

I've been playing with the manual settings on my camera. I usually shoot in program or aperture mode, but I've been doing more and more in manual--because if you have the TIME, it is amazing what manual can do!

so, I shot some of the residents of my china cabinet in the lovely morning light a few days ago. starting from top left, going clockwise...

1. that's the compote we bought in selma, alabama. man, that was a fun time!

2. my granny gave me this. it's a snowglove of Tulsa. See the little golden driller and the Tulsa skyline? is that too cool for school or what?

3. that lovely tray and punch cup? that is a gift from george & tonya! when we were in augusta tonya and I went antique shopping and I saw those and she said "shower present!!!" I got the set of 6, but they had two other sets of 8. I kind of wanted to buy them all, but I couldn't justify it!!

4. another snowglobe that sits safely in my china cabinet. this is of new york city, see the statue of liberty! also a gift from my granny--when I was 15 she took Anna and me to the northeast. We went to NYC, to parts of new jersey, to see the liberty bell and visit the smithsonian. I saw "The King and I" with Lou Diamond Phillips and we went to the Rainbow Room and I got my first manicure and I saw the Air & Space Museum and LOVED it. Seeing that snow globe makes me smile every.single.time.

5. mooooooo cow creamer. I bought this 'cause I thought it was adorable and hilarious. (and see my frankoma elephant mugs behind?) this creamer? also feature on rory and lorelai's table on gilmore girls!

6. It is probably a bad sign that I'm starting to forget where things came from. but that shot glass on the left is from katie & taylor--they brought it back from ireland for me! the blue compote is from our stop in vermont on antique row or whatever they call it. {I should probably blog that trip, huh? show of hands, who wants me to finally get around to doing that?} and that blue glass bird and green glass dish are both pieces my granny gave me!

7. this is not in my china cabinet! but I liked it. it's another picture of the paper flowers I made :)

something more substantial soon. apparently right now all I really want to talk about is things that are pretty :)


Imperfection Is Perfection said...

I found one "Pencil Me In" spot that said you were booked the weekend of June 19th...then in another spot, I didn't see it. Just checking to see if you are open and if so, what we can work out. I've got my top picks narrowed down finally! :)

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