Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"put a big red ribbon on it and deliver it to your door and you know what to do with it, right? all right."

~the refreshments

(and, a special thank you to jessie for making me want to listen to them today!)

so, updates, updates...

-matt and I have made about 85% of the table signs but we still need to get frames and spray paint them. it took less than two hours.
-we are about 1/3 of the way done on our favors.
-by next tuesday we should be 80% done with the silverware.
-we've booked a hotel, made our website, figured out about the marriage license and even completed pre-marital counseling.

I think we're pretty good to go. I am kiiiiinda freaking out about the dress thing, but I keep reminding myself:

1. some very generous friends and family have offered me theirs
2. if push comes to shove there's an option that would work at JCrew. and Target, of all place.
3. I am lucky that lady agreed to take the dress back!

so, yeah. I have wedding on the brain. serious wedding on the brain. it's kind of invading every bit of my life--my sleep, for instance. night before last I had a dream that Matt and I were on the way home from the mountains and there was a blockade and they made everyone go into this building and wash their hands with this certain soap/liquid/whatever. I have no idea what it was. but Matt did it and his hands were find and his ring was too (apparently we were already married). but I did it and it turned my ring black-ish and my diamond yellow/brown and we couldn't get it off and in my dream the ring wasn't the one I am wearing now, but anyway, bizarre! even good ol' trust dreammoods didn't know what to tell me.

last night I had a dream about dresses. which by the way I am terrified of looking for!! and I don't really recall the dream and I am definitely, definitely okay with that :)

let's see, what else...

I've recently developed an obsession with vintage tablecloths (I look for new ones pretty much every single day. thankfully I have been talking myself out of buying them. mostly.)

I am sneezing like a mad woman. Seriously, I might try to tally tomorrow. I would bet I've sneezed at least, oh, 30-40 times today. I've had 6-7 sneezing fits, ranging from 3 sneezes to a good five or six consecutive sneezes. I'm having my allergies re-tested on friday and can't take my dear old zyrtec or, um, any other sinus stuff, really, until then. I'm also not having beer (I avoid it when my allergies flare up) and trying like hell not to actually get sick while waiting for the two hours of needles and then the sweet relief of benadryl and allergy medicine.


until then, it's n@sonex and using sinus irrigation. I have multiple options, by the way (three "systems" and then at least two other things) and I've been meaning to blog about them, their relative awesomeness AND their relative (apparent to me) eco-friendliness. perhaps tomorrow.

oh yeah, and I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my photography blog. chiggity-check it out! I reached my 100th client earlier this month and I'm celebrating that awesomeness!!! please go comment on there or on my photography facebook site!

and, um...yep. that's kind of it. I'm definitely alllllll over the place. like, in life. hence the lack of blogging. or, um, anything other than wedding planning, working and photo editing :) I have a few more milestones I need to get through (find dress. order invites. order blank labels. reserve tables and chairs.) and then I think I will feel much, much better. plus, hopefully by then I can quit having people hurt my feelings. I figure the closer we get to our wedding the less time people will have to be sh!tty. it's really only a very small number of people, and if you're reading this it pretty much can't be you, but yeah. getting the feeling some folks only think about themselves. and that is all I should say :)


hopefully tomorrow: sinus-ee-eco-friendly-ee post.
hopefully by sunday: carrie has found a dress!
hopefully soon: we can start talking about other things. like, y'know, my cats. or earth hour. or books I've read (which so far this year= none.)

love love.


m-m-m-melissa said...

sounds like you're right on track, ladybug. it's all coming together! :)

Renee said...

i have some "brushed nickel" spray paint that i got for a mirror frame and now am not using it for anything. not sure what kind of spray paint you are needing, but if you need a metallic, you can have it!

Jessie said...

I'm way behind on my blog-reading, but I'm glad I inspired you!

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