Monday, August 17, 2009

reunion madness: part one.
the part where I skipped most of the reunion festivities.

Right. Hi. It's Monday. I am sleepy. We got in at 130, I fell asleep around 230 and woke up at 735. It has been a joyous day, for sure. Highlight was definitely lunch with Courtney, but other than that, I've been in a hectic-crazy-bizarre-annoying-fun-strange-fantastic-little-sleep weekend haze.

friday night after our [minor but totally annoying] flight delay we ran some errands, bought some presents and I rolled out to Syd's bachelorette. My poor little point and shoot just really isn't interested in working anymore, so I only got a couple of pictures since the flash wouldn't go off, and none of them are truly blog-worthy.

but I went to THREE places in t-town I'd never visited before: dalesandro's, pink and leons. also: message to ladies everywhere: when you go to a bachelorette party and go to dinner, someone should pick up the bride's meal. and ideally, drinks too. seriously. I feel like I end up doing this a lot. (sometimes I think someone else would've picked it up if I hadnt' done it first. this time that was NOT the case)

on the plus side though--so I'm chit-chatting with Holly and one of the three Melissas (and there were only seven of us, I know, right?) and we realize we have some Kevin-Bacon-y connections. And we've both been to Camp Egan. And I begin to tell her the story about Jesus and the chair. Melissa's eyes are kind of wide, and finally she's like "holy cow, I was THERE."

We both had the same traumatic experience.
We both were wondering if we were the only gals who thought this was alarming.
And yeah.

small world. and yeesh.

oh and you know what I do have pictures. syd's free shot after dinner, and the free champagne we got at pink! it was kind of, as jackie would put it, awesomesauce. the rest of the bar was kind of "eh." but the free champagne was great!

so, after dinner and pink we go to gray snail where the boys meet us. Matt had gone to hang with Syd's fiance, and it was like 1215 and I HAD to make an appearance at the happy hour or I never would have lived it down.

After the boys showed up, guesssssss what? THE ENTIRE bachelorette party rolls out to Leon's, where my classmates are. (they started at McNellie's but one of them wanted to meet up with a girl who was at Leon's) So I balanced having two of my best friends, my boyfriend and a bunch of people I hadn't seen in ten years. It was kind of awesome. Syd is amazing, folks.

Anyhoo. That's it for Friday. Except for the part where it was 141am and they turned on all of the lights in the bar and started SHOUTING for us to chug our drinks and get the hell out. What a brilliant end to the evening. ;)


Jax said...

haha... Leon's is hilarious. I was there on Saturday at Ish's bday party! Ive never been to pink. I've seen some of the people going in there and opted not to go. HOwever, all my friends whove gone in groups have said they had fun! :)

Misha said...

So I guess you met my Best Friend from High School at the bachleorette party? Melissa Bogle? Talk about Kevin Bacon stories... I found out she was friends with Syd through facebook. Just got to visit with both of them when I was in Tulsa for my high school reunion. Weird.

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