Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i just saved myself twenty bucks.

plus tax. plus fees. plus whatever else mumbo jumbo happens when you rent a car.

so: here's the skinny.

I rent cars A LOT. I go to Oklahoma, I visit my family and I rent a car. I have only opted not to rent a car ONCE, and I borrowed my Granny's car, and bless her heart but I was afraid for my life as one headlight malfunctioned so I had to always use my brights, the rear passenger window is now a plastic bag and one of the doors didn't open.

The car is technically safe. It is fine for my Granny who rarely, rarely drives and who NEVER drives at night. Not so much for me.

Well, so when Matt and I travel anywhere he does most of the driving. You might argue he's a better driver, but if you want to play the who-has-more-tickets-game, he definitely has like a 500% increase over me. And one of mine was for a stop sign!

But anyway, he drives. And I like it. And that causes problems with rentals because they only want one person to drive, and they charge you somewhere between $9.99 and $15.99 per day to add another driver. Plus taxes. Plus fees. Plus everything.

Some of 'em max out after like 4 days ($15.99 a day, maximum of $55 total to add a driver...) but some keep going, and going and going.

Know what though? I just called the lot of 'em. Thr!fty. Enterpr!se. Doll@r. and Hert2. I hadn't gotten to Budget. But Enterpr!se? They add spouses to rentals for FREE.

and you know who counts too? Domestic partners, what, what! Matt and I qualify for that, so we will totally be renting enterprise! I am quite pleased at this new development, yes I am. Over my lifetime these few calls may save me THOUSANDS of dollars! YAY!

that is all. thank you, enterpr!se!


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