Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wednesday, wednesday, wednesday.
matt really wants this on a tshirt.

oh, are my high school reunion pics going to be fodder for WBW or what? :)

that said...I'm not giving you a high school pic today. I'm giving you something EVEN better.

are you ready?

In this picture I am 5 going on six. This is in Arizona. Our team was called the Thundercats. My mom made the banner, I'll have to find a picture of it for you. I had a crush on a guy named Dallas, who was also our forward. Anna was on the team too, and at this point in our life we looked SOSOSO alike. My mom would do our hair differently (but the same way every time) because it was the only way the coach could tell us apart.

And I will never forget this--at five I felt like I was smarter than my coach. Yes, really. So, while evvvvvveryone else was practing their kicks or throwing in the ball or playing out scenarios, my coach had Anna and me go up and down and up and down and up and down the field dribbling the ball, passing it back and forth and back and forth. Seriously, this is ALL we would do.

and honestly, when we'd stop arguing we got pretty good at it. story of our lives. but anyway.

so: why did I feel smarter than my coach? because he was sooooo sure that if Anna or I got the ball and started taking it up the field like we had practiced, he was certain that people would be so stunned by how alike we looked that it would confuse them and we could score.

granted, twins weren't as prevalent then. we were the only ones in our whole league. [by comparison, matt had parts of four sets of twins, altogether, on the two soccer teams he coached last year] but seriously? A bunch of 5 year olds lose their cool and concentration because of a pair of twins? Well, let's just say I thought that was pretty dumb. But I never told him, don't worry. :)

anyhoodle. when I found this picture last week Matt said "I really want to see THAT on a tshirt!" It was funny and cute. The end. :)


{lauryl} said...

LOL. You probably weren't much older than this when I first met you and Anna... at Miller Swim School? Or Tulsa School of Ballet? I can't remember which. But we were pretty little. ;-)

Del said...

So cute!

m-m-m-melissa said...

HA. the 'diversion by twins' tactic made me laugh. i love it. cute pic, lady. :)

Stacia said...

so so cute! I always wanted to be a twin...wierd I know

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