Wednesday, August 05, 2009


um, this might be a medical overshare. a huge one. consider yourself warned.

I have been having digestive issues on and off for quite some time now. AccuFlora made my life better for a while, but I've been having more issues. ones that hurt.

I went to my regular doctor twice. Things got a tiny bit better and then worse. six weeks later I saw a specialist. they thought I might have colon polyps. rock on.

yesterday I had a flex sig. it's like a mini-colonoscopy, but they don't sedate you. and let me tell you what--it is UNPLEASANT. people, they fill up your colon with air. I started sweating and shaking and was in paaaaain. the nurse was so very nice though.

and even though it only took ten minutes? if I ever have to do it again I am SO letting them sedate me. just fyi. I'll just work from home in the AM.

on the plus side? I was praised for how "clean" my colon was an how well I had done the prep. which, by the way, was two enemas. and that was no cakewalk either.

so: diagnosis? I have a hypertrophic p@pilla. go google, I'll wait. done? yeah...

not a ton of info on those. everyone has 'em, they're just normally not hypertrophic. surprise, surprise, me having a not-super-duper-common issue. on the plus side: not colon polyps (which can be cancerous sometimes and which would require a full colonoscopy [shudder]) and not hemorrhoids, which require a visit to Mister Colorectal Surgeon.

however, since when I do hurt I hurt A LOT, when the doc said I have the option of "wait and see" or going to see Mister Colorectal Surgeon, I said "let's se, we're up to at least 12 weeks of this. I'm not waiting around anymore."

my referral says I "requested" this option. I asked the nurse and she said "if I were you I'd be going too--that is not normal."

oh and, after that fun?

I came home and sleptandsleptandslept

and once I woke up I sat on the couch all night. farting. yes, I said it. they PUMPED AIR into my colon. it!

and then I got up and my folded-up easel fell over, right onto where my foot was already injured. It was allllmost done being sore. Now I think I might have another week or so before it's done? maybe? that bruise was DEEP!

and then as I was getting water and giving Gobi his medicine before bed? I stepped on a piece of glass from a broken beer bottle and bled all over the kitchen floor while I waited for matt to come help me.

and then I couldn't fall asleep.
and when I finally did?
I woke up to find out that Gobi and Hazel had taken over my pillow. le sigh.

I am glad it's Wednesday. And there's softball tonight. And I can go home and do work and edit photos and chilllll out. and hopefully not have any events involving scopes, enemas, farts, broken glass or pillow stealers. :) at least my faboo matt got me Uno's pizza and took good care of me, and tonight I can enjoy leftovers!


Leanne...the walker. said...

I feel your pain and am so sorry!! I know someone who (I live with) that's been having similar issues for several months now as well. He's seen a specialist and had some super fun tests and is in the wait and see phase. (Thankfully they've ruled out all things that might require surgery or cancer) Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and we feel your pain! Except our cats aloud in the bedroom, so can't sympathize about that one... :-)

m-m-m-melissa said...

JEEZUM CROW LADY! that's no good indeed. :(

please get to feeling better asap. actually, you can remove the 'please' from the previous sentence, as it is not really a request as much as a DEMAND. ;)

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