Wednesday, August 05, 2009

wbw--the high school years

wait, wait, what? I am awol for practically an entire month and now I'm posting twice in one day?? believe me, it's not like I'm less busy.... :)

ps? other than last month, I have NEVER posted so few times in a month since I began my blog. in two-thousand-and-four. wtf?


so, here's a good part of "the gang" our senior year. (I think. maybe? not sure. perhaps these are both senior and I cut my hair near the end of the year?) in any case... it was superlative day. man, I loved that skirt! please excuse the spots on the photos (and don't whine about the one on your forehead, SJG!) this pic was stuck to another one, and healing it would make me late to our softball game!

and here's melissa and me. we were co-editors of the yearbook. and argued over commas. :) and man, those JEANS! I was a rail back then, and those jeans are CRAZY!


Sterling said...

DUDE. That's NUTS.

Can you fix it and send it to me??

And are we bringing old pictures to the reunion?

Stacia said...

Hooray for WBW and group photos!

Jax said...

LOL!!! That's awesome!!! When is your reunion, love?!

Jax said...

And I love your double day posting!!!

Jessie said...

Oh, man. Edison cafeteria...

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