Tuesday, August 04, 2009

so, we went to new mexico--to the wild west town of the foothills.

well, we were staying in pueblo. but we drove to NM so I could get my pics o' the state.

we visited a little town called Cimarron. It was pretty cute. The visitors center was roughly the size of my deck. but it had swings! the one I was on was TALL! I heart swings. this is tonya swinging with me. and I have this awesome series of photos where Matt is jumping off, but y'all only get two right now. :)

The people were friendly and the sky.was.gorgeous! we went in this cute icecream shop where tonya bought a bracelet and I bought a charm. it's an apple green rectangle of gaspeite, and I LOVE it. I also learned later that it's supposed to bring about good fortune, reduce stress and help with heart, gallbladder and lung problems. :)

we went on the "historic walking tour" which was about 1/2 a mile long. it was purdy. we took pictures. tonya and george are SILLY. george was getting over being sick, so they couldn't kiss. they pretended, ha!

and we walked down to the water and saw the prettypretty surroundings! and george and matt had a who.is.cooler contest. :)

and at the end visited a placed the St James hotel. it was purdy. also, George & Tonya's anniversary is on Valentine's Day. Sure fun that those numbers are next to each other on roulette, huh?

when we left...and saw the beauty of the open road. or something. and a family of pronghorns--see the mommy and the two babies?

we stopped to take pictures of those sunflowers above and Matt thought it was HILARIOUS that the sign by the car said "pass with care." sooooo: picture! he was in a silly mood. he also "chased" a male pronghorn. silly, silly.

and we did cute things.

and THIS is my favorite picture of the day!


Jax said...

OMG! Love love that last picture of you guys!!! :) And good pics, lovely! looks liek you had fun! Eric's parent's anni is also on valentines day! Funny! I wonder how many peeps got married on v-day.. hmmm..*shrug* Have missed your bloggage! Love the update!

David said...

Good that you went to the St James. It was once featured on Unsolved Mysteries...it's haunted, you know.

Did y'all run up to Philmont? It's just outside the town and an amazing place. Waite Phillips (Philtower, Phillips Petroleum, etc) was the owner and the house is incredible.

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