Thursday, May 07, 2009

totally a long time ago thursday?

er, um, or my late wbw.

this is my, eh, probably junior year I'm guessing. it might could be sophomore, but I think junior. that's my awesome miniscule, adrienne in the middle (we refuse to call each other "big" and "little" except we did in a skit, but that's IT) and then the fabulous del.

ABSOLUTELY two of my favorite people from college, hands down. (others of my favorites from college are reading, I know. I love you too. you just aren't in the picture!)

I have no idea how I would've made it without them. No idea. Especially 'cause they did things like help me celebrate my birthday, and we took a cool roadtrip to chicago/crystal lake, and we hung out and anyway. fantastic folks, I tell you.

Here we are at Adrienne's parents house. We are are getting ready to carve pumpkins. It was a splendid break from the daily grind, let me tell you.

I don't want to go back to college like some people do, but DAMN I missing seeing my friends every single day. It's hard having to actually schedule time to see people instead of just being near the. The three of us lived in the same suite for a bit, and anyway. Oh, college.

Oh, the stories I'm thinking of right now.

Oh, how I am so not going to post them on a public forum.

but oh, how they would make you giggle. or perhaps shock you. one or the other. :)


Del said...

ahhhh. still have that yellow sweater.

Misha said...

That picture looks so old. But I'm guessing you are probably a sophmore actually. Actually you might be right because Adrienne looks more tomboy and Del is in the picture.

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