Thursday, May 07, 2009

this is what actions can do.

you might've noticed recently I've been mentioning the term "actions." and you might've been wondering what the heck that means.

actions are used in photoshop. they're a specific series of instructions that manipulate a photo in photoshop. you can make your own, there are free ones on the internet, and you can also purchase them.

I have yet to make one of my own (I tried, but I realized what I was trying to do was way too photo-specific) but I have some free ones and some I've purchased. Some people are WAY against purchasing. some think it makes sense. I'm inclined to agree with them. There are some awesome freebies out there, but it's kind of like anti-virus software--if you want the good stuff that covers everything, it's probably worth shelling out for it.

But, something better? Is getting those actions for free. And IHeartFaces is doing just that. There are a couple of examples on their post of what actions can do. And I really like the one of the model! And here are some things I've done with actions, just to show you how fun they can be. :)

actions don't make you a better photographer by any means, but they make it so much faster to bring pop to your photos, and give you edgy elements that most people (myself included) either couldn't accomplish by themselves, or that would take them ten times as long. :)


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