Thursday, May 07, 2009

the good, the bad and the matt. (who, by the by, is not ugly)

I swear this is the last post o' the day.

the good:
-yesterday, matt cleaned the kitchen. it desperately needed it. it and the half bath are now the only "clean" parts of the house. he unloaded the dishwasher, did the dishes in the sink and cleaned the counters off and then actually cleaned them. :)
-matt always gives me a kiss when he's leaving or arriving or I'm doing one of those. I kind of love it.

the bad:
-matt is at ANOTHER bachelor party. oh. em. gee.
-matt called me a cat lady last night. and he meant it.
-matt seriously considered murdering both gobi and hazel this week. hazel I am not surprised. gobi was surprising. but when he knocked a whole bowl of jellybeans off the counter, well...what did you expect?
-matt has been having fun with my new camera. what that really means is: "matt has taken it upon himself to pick up my new expensive camera with its new expensive lens and pretend like he's dropped it. he has also held it upside down with two fingers only on the new expensive battery grip."
-last night matt did a "test." the cats were sitting near me on the couch--gobi right behind my head and hazel on the arm, both sleeping. he made me say "ouch." and pretend to cry. and pretend to be startled. just to see what the cats could do. we concluded that gobi is worried about my health and hazel just wants to know what the fuss is all about.

the matt:
is overall fantastic. ridiculous and silly and all sorts of other things, but also fantastic. just fyi.


Jax said...

hahaha.. cute post. :)

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