Friday, April 24, 2009

"let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance"

~ingrid michaelson

I am kind of obsessed with this song. It's called "You and I."

soooooo, starting at, oh, 8pm on Wednesday through a few hours ago has been nuts.

-a total of roughly 11.5 hours of sleep.
-found I was using the modeling program incorrectly and did like 50% of it over
-wrote my term paper
-AND had...counting...four photo sessions get booked. all between 8pm on Wednesday and, oh, 3pm yesterday. Have another maybe and I have three sessions un-finalized. I suppose when it rains it pours! :D YAY!
-I bought three pairs of shoes. All various shades of pink! Seriously yesterday was class-work-shoes-interview-work-csa-work-paper.
-also had to put out some fires at work. and my no-more-nerves tooth still hurts (had the second part done on monday)

and I am TIRED.

But my term paper is in.
And my final is Tuesday (cringe).
And I am going to a wedding this weekend--the weather should be amazing, we're staying in a house with my very favorites of Matt's friends, and it should be good stuff.

And I found out I had a dress I'd completely forgotten about! I know how terrible that sounds! But I somehow had. So last night when I made sure I knew where my other dresses were I thought "oh YEAH!" I wore it to Renee's rehearsal dinner last year, which is why I didn't remember it--it's never been to an actual wedding. But my other dresses have, so I remember them. :)

Also, I am SO glad I broke out the blender for my green smoothies. This looks MUCH more appetizing, right? it eventually became browner when I added more blueberries for flavor's sake, but it's better this way, I swear! This is with Kale and now I have spinach and greenleaf lettuce just waiting to become a green smoothie. I make it ahead of time and blend up some ice and add liquid and sometimes a little OJ and ta-da! I've also added pears and I'm going to try adding a couple of carrots too.

Yay for healthy smoothies I like drinking. :)

Does anyone have a magic bullet? How do you like it? I'm thinking about getting one 'cause this rinsing out the blender daily thing is taking a lot of time and water...

Okay, time to actually get some stuff done so I can go home, pack quickly and sleep in the car while Matt drives us to Leland!


Anonymous said...

my sister in law got me a magic bullet for Christmas! they work fairly well, but i don't know if it's better than a blender.

much easier to clean...

i would say yes if it isn't too expensive.


Misha said...

It is about $50 and comes with a bunch of stuff you probably won't use, which is actually pretty wasteful. But it works great for smoothies and I use mine everyday for my protien shakes. You would like it I think.

Also, try spinach, banana, and mango.

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