Monday, April 27, 2009

"into a place where thoughts can bloom..."

~panic at the disco.

so, I feel like I've been kinda awol. Though, admittedly, I've been kinda busy. :)

this weekend I went to wedding #3 for Bob & Jamie. it was a pretty wedding, for sure. you could tell she really put time into the details!

we had a TON of fun with our weekend-house-mates, too. It was Matt's two best friends, Adam and Taylor, and their girls--Kristin and Katie. We all get along really well and I kind of love them all to pieces. :) Friday night we drove there and had burgers for dinner and chit-chatted and the like.

Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast (with the sausage from my CSA!) the boys headed to play cornhole on the beach with the groom and the rest of the groomsmen. They'd been told it was boys only, but apparently it wasn't. Oh well--I was going to the winery no matter what, Kristin was sunburned and Katie has a boot on her foot--the beach probably wasn't the best idea for us. :) Instead we visited Lumina Winery. It looks like it's a hole in the wall, but it has LOTS of wines and was pretty for pictures!

we met back up and headed to the wedding! I didn't take a lot of pictures there, and a lot of that was 'cause I was hiding from the sun. The wedding started at 5 and though we got there plenty early, by the time we sat down all the shady seats were taken. THANKFULLY one of our friend, Derek, saw me in the sun, using my program for shade and covered with my wrap to protect my skin, and insisted that I trade him places and sit in the shady spot. It was kind of awesome of him. He gets two thumbs waaaaay up! he's the one in the sunglasses.

It was kind of cool though--the wisteria on top of the gazebo in the gardens matched the colors of the wedding party--lavender and green--so it all went together very well! And then it was off to the reception! HILARIOUS toasts, sweet thank yous, a cute first dance, delish food (there was a pasta station!) and more koozies to add to our wedding koozie collection. :)

Oh and when they put together the video I might look like I get around...because I danced with three different guys that night. Ha!

After that the six of us piled in the car and headed back to the house. And made the AWESOMEST pit stop on the way. The girls had tried to go there after the winery--it's a little tiny hole-in-the-wall bar right off the highway. It's called "JW's." It looks kind of scary--bars on the windows and not exactly what you would call well kept.

We decided to go anyway. And we are SO glad we did.

Adam and I played checkers while everyone else played shuffleboard. They honest to goodness had beads hanging up around the bar--in dispensers. I bet you can guess what you had to do to get them. We looked pretty silly in our fancy wedding attire, no doubt, but we are SO glad we went! Good stuff, good stuff. The boys are already talking about how next time the three of them are there they'll have to bike to the bar. ha!

And then yesterday we walked around downtown Wilmington and ate at a place called Elijah's. Our server was terribly amused by our table. Between the six of us we ordered 8 bloody marys, 9 appetizers and we each had a meal. I enjoyed North Carolina chowder and eggs benedict. Matt had buffalo shrimp, calimari and french toast. Both of those got strange looks. But those with raw oysters followed by breakfast food got the most interesting looks of all. :)

Sooooo fun! We will see them all again in June when Adam and Kristin get married, and I am so excited already!


m-m-m-melissa said...

you guys look super adorable in your wedding attire!

dude, it CANNOT be any fun to be so fair-skinned. but you make it work! what a delicate little flower you are. cute cute. :)

Jax said...

Ha! Love the hole in the wall bars..with checkers! Comedy. :) You look uber cute, too, chica! :)

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