Friday, April 10, 2009

what I had for breakfast this morning.

okay, well, with coffee. and some other stuff. but anyway.

this is a "green smoothie." it has spinach, a little romaine I had left over, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries and a little bit of orange juice in it. I was feeling lazy so I made it in my food processor instead of my blender.

and to be completely honest with you? after my first two sips it was DEEELISH. It took a sip to get used to the flavor (I mean, you couldn't taste the spinach very much, but there was a little bit of it) and another to get used to the consistency (next time I'm adding some more OJ and using the blender) but overall? it was GOOD. and I will make it again. and perhaps next time I will add carrots.

thank you, maria, for posting about it! there's a little info about how to make it here. for tomorrow's I think I'll try adding some pineapple. and when I'm out of fruit, I'm definitely going to hold out for strawberries pieces instead of buying whole strawberries--it was all that was left at the store, but I think it made the process longer.


Renee said...

i'm not going to lie...that looks pretty gross. :-)

sasspot said...

totally going to make a green smoothie tomorrow... thanks for posting.

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