Friday, March 20, 2009

sg thinks I rooooooooock.

do I mean him or the character he writes, hmm?

this was a good start to what will, hopefully, be a good weekend!

First of all, KD elections. Can I just tell you, for the millionth gazillionth time, how thankful I am to count so many wonderful KayDees as my sisters and friends? I LOVE it. Exceptional women! It makes me miss the ones who aren't here anymore (Mary Alise and Andrea and Amy are the first to come to mind) but it also just makes me smile inside and out. :D Also, yay me for managing to NOT be an officer!

Also, I like the plans that are cooking up for Easter. Might rival the one I spent with Mary Alise, Michael and Kara S. maybe, just maybe...


things things things.

a) Remember how I rented that camera in February (here and here)? well, I was anticipating waiting for my tax return to purchase it. my XTi just isn't cutting the mustard anymore. however, if I buy it now I might be able to save $250 on the lens, and some on the camera body too. we'll see what happens, and I need to decide if I want one of the kit lenses in addition, but yeah. It's exciting for me. I will LOVE using it on my trips this summer, and of course for business too!

b) also, I am having SO MUCH FUN playing with photoshop. A few weeks ago, 'cause my awesome friend Gurdas mentioned the super sale to me, I was able to get my hands on an inexpensive copy of it. I hadn't really had a chance to play with it until yesterday--and it is SLICK. I'll still use Elements 7 since it is quicker, at least for now. but I've downloaded some cool "actions" and I've been playing with them, see? I'm not sure that I love all of 'em, and I've only played with like 8 actions here, but you get the idea. I think that sometimes it will really add a lot to the photos, you know? I am going to really enjoy the add versatility, methinks. All the ones on the left and originals and the right are modified. I definitely need to find more actions though!

c) and this weekend I am *hoping* to get to test out my new lens this weekend as well. It's funky and unusual, you'll like it. It's very much my "style." And it'll finally be sunny (it's not exactly intended for use w/ a flash...) so I can play. :)

d) and now for the non-photography related...this weekend I will be playing tennis. and going to two showers. AND CELEBRATING WITH OLIVIA!! (she defended her masters thesis!) and having brunch with matt at bogarts. we LOVE it and I exchanged coupons with a lady at my church, so now I have THREE sets of the coupons to bogarts and other glenwood ave restaurants. I.Am.Pumped.

e) I got a FANTASTIC package in the mail yesterday. My bff, sjg, sent these in the mail. He is a fancy writer of things that I don't want to write in case someone googles him (it has happened before and I've had to delete it!) but the pictures will show you. Also, yesterday he told me that really I should just store them on the back of my toilet seat because they're just long enough to read while you're "doing your business." I will refrain from storing them there, but that made me giggle.

f) so, apparently my retelling of matt and my anniversary induced exactly two responses. a) aaaaaaw. b) vomit. so, one more thing and I'll stop with that, I swear! Yesterday Matt's final present arrived in the mail. I got a free photo book from shutterfly. It was kind of an ordeal (hint: make sure you like the cover BEFORE you create the book, sometimes you can't change it and have to create it all over again), but the finish product turned out better than I expected. And he LOVED it. I think it probably helped that I put little parts in to remind him where the picture was taken, but we went through it all together and he just thought it was super fantastic. Which makes for a happy Carrie, indeed.

and that, m'dears, is that. time for more ghg and wastewater, beers with Olivia and then a night in with Matt. I'm excited to not be going to Florida this weekend!


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