Thursday, March 19, 2009

[yellow] his house with the [yellow] little window and a [yellow] corvette and everything is [yellow] for her and [her]self and everybody around...

~eiffel 65. ish. take anybody back to college? at least I didn't quote that "you're my butterfly, sugar, baby" song...

I realize today that I am rocking a yellow sweater. with my yellow purse. and had put my lunch in my orange-yellow (I think they call it saffron?) . and I have two yellow file folders on my desk. and yellow and orange post it notes. I think today is a yellow day, hmm? and I think I like it.

it's quite the change from yesterday when I had a hormotional mini-meltdown. too much homework. and choir suuuuuuucked. I don't mind singing/practicing songs that I don't like, 'cause obviously you can't like them all, but our ENTIRE Maundy Thursday thing is just painful. Lots of ugly clashing. Lots of Episcopalian-style hymns (where the text is all at the bottom instead of between the rows o' music.) And I'm singing alto, which I often like, but this part is lowlowlowlow. not good for the carries.

And to top it all off, our choir director is anxious about whether or not we'll pull it together in time. As well he should be, I must say--we're certainly behind, but I think that has a lot to do with how no one really digs the music. Word on the street is that come that evening we'll really be glad we did it, but I'm not holding my breath. Normally choir cheers me up (and I'm sure that extra oxygen helps too) but yesterday it just made me really, really annoyed. Anyhoo, moving on. Today is a much happier day. :) I feel much less stressed having completed my paper progress report and having done all but one part of the homework right--I'll be doing that tonight.

I also really, REALLY want to paint something. I think I need the stress relief. I definitely enjoy photography and find it a creative release, but it is just not the same as painting. Plus, my recent photos have been mostly portraiture, where I'm trying, of course, to please people. With painting I just have to please myself. :)

I think my Sunday plans might have to include brunch at bogart's, tennis with lisa and richard and painting. I was doodling some cool stuff in class, so we'll see what I do. I really want to get a little projector to make my little doodles big!

oh yes, and thanks for the supportive comments and emails on the last post. they please me. :)

so, I never showed y'all these, but they are flowers made of recycled soda bottles. too cool, huh? I really wanted to get one to take home! these were also in baldwin park's art show.

what else...this afternoon I go to the dentist. If I were a betting woman I'd bet you $10 that they're going to tell me I need a root canal.yeehaw I have had quite a few in my day (I think it's six. or seven. I forget.) but not in a couple of years, so I'm not surprised. I just won't like the part where it eats up all of my flex spending money!

aaaand it's time for my taco lunch. oh and go see pictures of corrie and clara--isn't that little girl PRECIOUS?!? she's even more adorable in person. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

DUDE. i'm having a green day. couple days late, but, you know, still awesome. :)

i hope your choir thing goes well. and enjoy your sunday painting time!!!

Jessie said...

The Eiffel 65 reference took me aback for a minute. I was finishing elementary school in 1999. Weird!

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