Friday, February 13, 2009

"in the morning when the sun rise, look in the water, see the blue sky"

as if heaven had been laid there at our feet.
~conor oberst

I am thankful it is friday.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, because Matt and I have fun plans involving beer and organization. And maybe some valentine's day fun.

I get my girl scout cookies this weekend!

And my garage is going to have real actual storage.

And I am choosing not to stress out about work. And I like that.

Additionally, I am kind of in love with this camera I rented. And with how amazing it makes those lenses I own. And with my new programmable thermostat. And with the paper orchid and the hope sign I bought last weekend.

I am also excited about photography. I have some fun stuff happening. And I am in need of some opinions. If you are up for opinion giving, let me know. Perhaps I shall reward you with a thank-you print. :)

off to bring George some Subway. He and his awesomeness leave today, and that makes me sad. BUT I will see him in...forty-five days and Tonya and the rest o' the Frys will all be there, so I'm pretty pumped. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

happy valentine's day. enjoy some beers for me.

also, thank you for your comment on my blog. and? deal. :)

ncmunchkin said...

Oooh...I'm in for opinions. Especially involving your photography. :-)

Enjoy the weekend!

Leanne said...

I'm game for giving my opinions and I LOVE your flower and Hope sign. Hope is my middle name. :-)

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