Thursday, February 05, 2009

steelers, cups, cookies and plans

so, I never told you about the FANTASTIC super bowl party that lara and kevin hosted. they are BIG Steelers fans so it was pretty amazing. That and lara cooks yummy yummy things. and imports smiley face cookies.

Matt made pigs in a blanket and other people brought things and Lara bought 4 feet of bread for our sandwiches. for reals. mmmmmmm food. We got to have leftover meatballs with spaghetti and bread the next day. We enjoyed the commercials, we yelled at the amazingly gigantic television a lot and celebrated the fun. :)

Also, I saw this on my way to work from class on Tuesday.

And yesterday my mentor/boss and I had our last lunch as mentor/mentee. I took him to Piper's to show him my pictures on the wall, and I was SUPER SUPER excited. 1. Piper knew me by name and spelled it correctly. I felt like a "regular." 2. My boss was tres impressed. 3. They have finally stopped using styrofoam cups, and are using these guys instead. Yesterday was the FIRST DAY for the new cups. How fortuitous! And how much better for the earth! 'cause, y'know, styrofoam is bad.

-George comes in town today. That's Matt's brother.
-today I am officially acting as ghg guru all by myself. my boss is out and so is my co-coordinator. I am a tinge nervous about the 3pm conference call.
-Bible Study tonight, yay! It is a very heart-warming and thought provoking experience.
-I need to order those business cards. I keep getting halfway done and having to stop. Boo.
-This weekend I will try my hand at maternity photos. This pleases me. :)
-And this weekend we are having a smallish get together known as Beer Tasting #2. Thank you again, Jennifer, for your inspiration. All of the founding attendees will be there, with some superb additions. I am pumped, 'cause it is going to be amazing. (and if you didn't get invited fret not, we just didn't know you were interested so let us know for next time!) Expect pictures. And extra good ones at that, 'cause my camera is being cleaned so I rented the ultra-spiff one I plan on buying this summer!


Leanne said...

If you're buying business cards and don't know about yet, order them from there! You can get them super cheap, usually free. They are GREAT quality. :-)

m-m-m-melissa said...

i LOVE smiley face cookies. this bakery in my hometown makes the best ones i've ever had. MISS. THEM. BUNCHES.

Mickie said...

go Steelers!

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