Monday, May 05, 2008

"this wasn't nearly as bad as I expected!"

~jennifer, after drinking guinness.

geez. the more I write the more I realize that this weekend was CRAZY full. eventually I'm going to tell you about house hunting. eventually. right now I'm going to tell you about the rest of it.

Saturday morning--got up, went to the farmer's market, came home and gardened, showered, dressed and went house hunting. Again, I'll tell you later. Once we got back Matt and I went to see my friends Tom and Shannon. Shannon is sick, she was undergoing chemo last year for lesions on her brain (which did not respond to the chemo btw) and now has masses in her abdomen. strike that, did have. they were removed on thursday. She was doing okay on Friday, and it seems that her intestines are "waking up" and "making noise" and I'm told that's a good thing. I took her some ranunculuses from the farmer's market--I think this is the last week they'll be in bloom!

After that there was a quick run to Total Wine and Lowe's Foods, and I made pizza while Matt set up the beers in ice. We were having a beer tasting! We explained this to the lady at Total Wine, and she told us what an excellent gesture it was, and how we were doing the world a favor. Okay, not really on the second part, but she was close to saying that. She thought it was brilliant. I'd like to point out that it was Jennifer's suggestion that sparked it all

My dear friends Jennifer and Kara came over to have their palettes expanded and basically get their beer-types-tried into the double digits. We ended up trying nineteen beers total, and quite a few of them they found yummy. #1 fave? Sea Dog's Wild Blueberry. Pleasantly fruity, but not so much that it's like a Boone's Farm or whatever. Kind of like if you'd fruited their beer with blueberry. :)

This fun lasted waaaaaaaaay longer than we expected. We ended up have 19 of the 30 beers available. And we ate quite a bit of the Trader Joes spinach dip that we made in the double boiler--it seems my microwave has died a sad death!

Once Jennifer and Kara left there may or may not have been picture taking while laying on the floor slightly tipsy/punchy from exhaustion. I can't really confirm it. ;) I will tell you that when Jennifer and Kara left Matt gave me a huge hug and had this gigantic stupid grin on his face. I asked about it, and contrary to the norm, he actually told me why. [sap alert, consider yourself warned] He explained that he was just grinning uncontrollably because he was just thinking about how much he loves me and who I am, and that the evening really made him think about it. And of course I asked what the hell he meant by that! And he said that, well, I put SO much effort into the evening--planning ahead, investigating beers, making the pizza from scratch. Way more effort into an evening for two of my friends than I did for the party where I invited 40 people. And he knew that was because they're both very good friends of mine, and because this night was something that would mean more to them (or something like that). Anyway, he was just like "I love you because you're a really, really good friend to people, and that's just amazing."

Totally made my day. :)

Sunday was busy too. Went to church. Went to do adopt-a-highway with the Youth. Got tar on my car. Hurried by the grocery store on my way home to meet with the TAP old/new execs. Had them there from 330-almost 6. Took a short nap. Fed the Badanes' cats. Met Matt. Drove by the houses again. Watched four episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Had leftover pizza during. Finally fell asleep around twelve thirty--it was so hard for me to unwind!

Oh AND apparently I'm going to have some extra space in my apartment beginning later this week. My roomie found a place of her own, and though she'll be paying for the space until our lease is up she'll be all moved out. VERY interesting, methinks. Anyway, it'll be weird to officially be all by myself. I'm kind of excited about it!


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