Monday, January 19, 2009

"matt, I'm sorry to wake you up, but I can't find the toolbox and I'm going to be late for work!"


This morning I was frantically ripping staples from the backside of frames. At ~1130 last night I went "oh crap! I never put them in frames!" Mind you I've had the photos ready for frames for like two weeks and I have had the frames almost as long. Oopsie! As you can probably guess, I had to wake matt up to find the damn tools, I found the WRONG toolbox. We have three, you see. Yeesh. It all worked out and I was only 15 min late, plus my boss isn't even here today so no worries!

Now my photos are for sale in a real, actual business. This one. AMAZINGLY good soup in a bread bowl, deelish wraps and awesome sandwiches. Yum. And Piper liked the photos, told me good job on getting real frames instead of cheapo metal ones AND really likes my picture from underneath the daises. I am EXCITED! (and I love it that the pink hammer handle is sticking out of my purse on the table, ha!)

This weekend was a good one. Matt and I had planned on going on a little date one of the nights, and I chose Friday so that I could make it to sushi with a few of my sisters on Saturday. We had intended to go to Babymoon, but alas, instead we spent a good bit of our night in the target pharmacy calling the on-call physician and trying to contain our annoyance. Y'see, since Friday was day number TWELVE of being sick, they decided perhaps it was more than just a virus and maybe I did have that sinus infection. And they called in an antibiotic. To the wrong pharmacy. AND I didn't know which one, and it had already been filled, so stuff with Target was messy, and thank goodness the provider on call was still at work so she could log on to the system. Yikes.

But, I have my meds and I'm definitely improving. It meant we didn't have dinner until ~920pm and had to go to Vincent's, but it was still nice. :) I fell asleep on the couch (which I rarely do) and slept untl like 11 on Saturday, it was glorious!

That afternoon we went to little Luke's bday party, and then came home, watched a house and I met the girls for sushi. Mmmmmm Akashi. We got out for under $20 a piece, which I think is AMAZING. We got far too much sushi (sorry!) but still had a fabulous meal and an excellent time. Lara came over for a bit and we chit chatted, which is always a good time.

And Sunday was the day of cooking and groceries. I visited Lowes and Trader Joes and made chicken tortilla soup, baked potato soup and chicken parm. We now have food for the whole week and some to spare so I'm freezing it! AND I got to take a nap, watch ANTM and get some work done too. Hip, hip, hooray! PLUS it's supposed to snow tonight, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Like, snow 3-5 inches!! YAY!

I'm hoping for a snow day, a hike in the snow and some cuddling with the kitties and Matt!

also, I never showed you this, but it seems pretty appropriate considering what is happening tomorrow. it's actually a holiday decoration (did I mention our tree is still up? ha!) but I took this a couple weeks ago and I like it! It needs fine tuning and a better background next time, but it was fun to experiment with the camera!

oh and last but not least--makes and takes is giving away a free blog makeover! their stuff is REALLY cute, check them out!


brooke said...

the display looks really great! congratulations on an awesome achievement!

m-m-m-melissa said...

good work, lady! and might i just add a big THANK YOU, OXYGEN for running the antm marathons!!! :)

Mickie said...

Pipers is one of my previously frequented restaurants (before my work at home days) & I'll have to tell my RTP friends to be on the lookout for your work!

Misha said...

MMMM sushi. I think I have decided what I want to eat on my cheat day this week. That plate looks so awesome.

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