Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"most of africa..."


it went a little like this
c: I have approximately 8 minutes and thought I'd talk to you!
s: (!) I only have like one. I'm going to see the smashing pumpkin!
c: I'm jealous! I want a button if they have it.
(talk ensues about howI haven't given him his stephen kellogg poster, how he still has my bday present, and holding each others concert gifts and my birthday present ransom for amusement, but then we realize that's not so amusing)
s: so, how's matt doing? I CAN'T BELIEVE he has e. coli.
c: I know, right? Who even gets e. coli?!?
s: most of africa...

and why that was funny, I do not know, but it made me laugh for a good bit. (NOT that I am actually amused by the fact that people in africa get e. coli frequently, mind you!).

last night I played hooky for a bit. I left my work dinner early to go meet Mary Alise. except she got stuck at the vet MUCH longer than we expected. It was kind of awkward cutting out of the work dinner thing early, but also worth the awkward--this poor dude next to me had some sort of disorder or disability or limitation or something. He made me think of a toned-down Rainman. Matt said he might also have high functioning aspergers. I tried to be patient, but the man asked me thinks like what food I fed my cats and why, why do cats have to have rabies shots, why why why. I think I managed to be pretty polite, but I did keep bringing other people into our convo because I was kind of uncomfy!

and then while I waited for M.A., I sat in my car and read my book. Which might sound sad or something, but I was SO happy to get to do it!

and then! there was garlic bread. and wine. and chit chat! (and quite a bit of time looking at the menu and thinking "I wonder if that's local. Hey, those are out of season! Oh crap, I've sworn off out-of-season asparagus." but anyway, to the chit-chat.

I neeeeeeeded that.

Mary Alise and I have been good friends for, yikes, I think almost 3 years? she's absolutely on my list of "why it's good I came to north carolina." and it was GREAT to just talk with her! we have decided that we need to talk more and we're arranging some have-some-wine and talk-on-the-phone dates. I am excited!!

okay, time to do paper work. ugh. I will be GLAD when this is over!


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