Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I want, I want!

um, hi. I think I have found my stockings. here. anyone who doesn't think these scream "CARRIE!" please raise your hands. it is fortunate I can't see you through the monitor because I like 'em and I want 'em. (thank you, misha, for your suggestions, which actually were what ultimately made me think of etsy!)

eco-friendly? check.
cute as a button? check.
goes with what I already have? check.
inexpensive enough? check.

I really like that green and red pair in the upper right hand corner, though maybe have them both be the same? She sells little stockings, but I have some of those already.

which do you think suits me best? other than the ones with the gingerbread man or the tree, I'm game for whatever! but I have to decide by tomorrow!

so...I got my test back today. It was not pretty. like, even a little. but that's okay, um, I think, 'cause it seems no one else really did too hot either. eh. I can still eek out that B, maybe? I wouldn't be so worried but they use that dang plus minus system which I think is dumb as bricks.

it is annoying that no matter how much I study I still seem to end up not getting what I want. boo hiss.

other things I've thought of that have nothing to do with how busy I am (since I've been complaining about that a lot recently!)

-when you heat a kettle of water, keep a thermos near your stove to put any extra hot water in. it'll be ready for you when you need it next time, or you can add it to the kettle with cool water and it'll all heat faster!
-we found holiday cards made of recycled paper and printed with soy ink. this pleases me, though I feel slightly guilty about sending them in the first place.
-I am REALLY excited about doing as little actual wrapping as possible this year. My goal is to just use little things like ribbon or things I already have.
-we got LED lights for that $10 tree I got last year, and we've decided that amongst other things we're going to make some of our own ornaments--out of beer bottle caps! yes, beer caps on a tree. I will paint some, I am sure, but some will be in all their straight-off-the-bottle glory. :)
-I want to make a tree topper. Of an angel holding a star. Made of recycled materials. Suggestions?
-and there was another one I read in the Green Guide, but I forgot...I'll let you know when I remember.

time for the dinner thing I have, wine with Mary Alise (who is in town because of her sick kitty, Bono), and then working on my paper. yeesh.


brooke said...

i love those! i ran into that shop on etsy when a friend and i were making some felt-and-fleece scarves recently and were looking for cute ideas! they are really adorable....have fun with your green christmas! i salute you.

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