Thursday, December 04, 2008

it went a little something like this.

I am taking a veryverybrief hiatus from paper writing. because I can. and because I am tired of thinking about alternative fuel sources and different propulsion technologies, okay?


so, quick story:
tuesday night I was telling the Pres of the chapter (I'm the Sec) how this dude who was running the show had NO IDEA who I was. First he thought I was our speaker, who ended up being on the other side of him. To be fair, she and I appeared to be about the same height, relatively similar builds, same age-ish and both females. okay, fair enough.

So when I told him I wasn't the speaker, he asked me who I was, and I told him my name, where I worked, who my boss was, what my office was and described the multiple emails I had sent him. Nada. No understanding. No recollection. And then it dawned on him. Well, sort of, in the "ooooooh, you" when you either vaguely recall or know you *should* vaguely recall. I shook his hand and went on my merry way back to join the Pres and help sign people in and collect mulah.

I finish recounting up to the minute I walked up to our Pres, and he said "well, I mean, y'all kind of look like. Especially 'cause you're both wearing your Sarah Palin glasses."

I. Could. Have. Died. Right. There. and. Then.

I would have taken Tina Fey and run with it. Or "teacher" or "nerd" or "librarian." but wow. Sarah Palin. Gag me with a spoon. I mean, McCain was actually a decent candidate, but that woman, I Could rant. I politely informed him I'd had the glasses far longer than we'd known about the Alaskan, and said I prefer to think of them as Tina Fey.



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