Friday, October 03, 2008

frantic friday


1. thought of something else I get judged for. not being green ENOUGH. seriously, people say things to me like "well, if you were really green you wouldn't've driven" or "you use that?!? and you call yourself green?" when we're talking about, like, my coffee mug I've had for 8 years or how I sometimes buy nine west heels and don't think twice about their non-environmentally-friendly-ness. I get a lot of "is that recycled" and "oh, you don't drive a hybrid?!?" yeah. anyhoo.

2. the econ group here is KILLING me. we're having to do these cost spreadsheets and kind of make the numbers match this other number. they don't always make 100% sense, but the logic I'm using is valid. so, today? the day they NEED them? there are TWO SPREADSHEETS that I have to do over completely because dipshit didn't bother to, I don't know, PROVIDE ME THE UPDATED sheets. Are you effing kidding me? I've spent my entire week trying to sort through and represent costs, and when I say "Um, there's no way I can get this to match that number and accurately represent the data..." THAT'S when you realize I'm working from an old sheet because the other is on your laptop hard drive?!? rock on. asshole.

3. I bought a new rug. (please excuse the mess in the photo) It was expensive, but it is beautiful, yes? We compared three last night, and there were two other options but one was just too wide and both were made of jute, which I think my cats would regard as a very large toy made specifically for them. And, as my granny would say, OF COURSE I liked the expensive one best...but in my defense, Matt did too.

4. If Sarah Palin had winked one more time during the debate last night I think I would have reached into my television screen, across the US to where she was standing and have ripped her eye right out of her socket. Sorry, but seriously? How can she possibly remember all that foreign policy and experience data she just buffed up on when she's keeping 1/4 of her brain occupied with finding good times to wink?!?

5. matt's high school reunion is this weekend, right? well, I finally found out what we're supposed to wear on saturday...jeans. yep, that's right. for a $50 a person dinner (alcohol included) the attire, which mind you he had to email the girl to find out about, is jeans. seriously.

okay, time to finish up this bullshizz, perhaps FINALLY eat and then I might just use some of that extra day of PTO they gave us, hit the mall and go home to clean and pack because I am just NOT appreciating this week at work and my patience has worn quite thin. I was really okay, just a little fuzzy in the brain, until #2 happened about 20 minutes ago, and now I feel like I miiiight not be uber professional if anyone upsets perhaps leaving is the best option, hmm? I'm sure I'll make it until 3...

update: I seriously need to go home. I am finally eating my lunch and somehow managed to set my lunch bag down in just the right spot with just enough force to puncture the side of my dr pepper can with the corner of my desk leg (the horizontal support part) and just made a mess everywhere. GEEZ.


Del said...

You need a drink!

Andrea said...

Check this out:

They have a fest on Novemeber 8-9th. And a train trip to DC is so much fun! Oh, and the tickets are only $15.00. You may have already read about this but if not, here you go!

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