Monday, October 06, 2008

if you haven't already...

A quick reminder for all you NC folk that this Friday is your LAST day to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Oklahoma folks, Friday is your last day, too.

You can go here to find a bunch of links to help make sure you're registered. Once you put in your address you will be able to check your registration and even find out the location of your polling place.

And if you're already registered, good job! Now make sure your friends are, too!

The youngest voters (18-24) are the ones with the lowest turnout, and the next age group isn't far behind. This is about your life, your future. Let your voice be heard!

And here's a little video about voting that I thought was entertaining...


Patty said...

you can also go to to find out if you are registered (or to confirm that you are registered with your current address)

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