Thursday, September 25, 2008

the judgment from yesterday

so, my friend kara posted yesterday about who she is and the way people judge her, in a bit of an organized effort to recognize judgment and reduce it, because judgment very rarely has an appropriate place, you know?

well, I started my own blog on that yesterday. I started out telling you all about me and how I became me, and maybe some day I’ll tell you about how I earned my free ride to college or how my mom used to let me wear whatever I wanted and how I learned about check forgery at my first job. About who I am, how I'm an engineer who wears my nerdiness (and my heart) on my sleeve, and how I am honest and real and I want everyone to be included because I know what it feels like to be left out.

there was more, lots more.

and then, ironically enough, I realized that I couldn't post that, not right now. because of my readers, because of people I know. not most of you. not the vast majority of you. but, what's the phrase "one bad apple ruins the whole barrel?" not that any of you are bad apples, but if just one person took something wrong or read into something, I'd have a bigger case of judgment (and a big mess) on my hands.

so, instead, I'm just going to say:
-there is nothing wrong with honesty or openness if your intentions are good and your timing is reasonable. and there's nothing wrong or bad about being smart either. seriously.

-being a good person and active in your church does not make you holier-than-thou or a goodie goodie, it just means you actively participate in something that's important to you.

-and there is nothing wrong with wanting to "save the world" by being a greener person. for the love of all that is holy please stop pitying me and telling me my efforts are futile. it's rude, it's irritating, and no offense, but it makes you look really selfish.

(and on this note, thank you kindly to those of you who have either a) held your tongue or more importantly b)told me you love it, I've inspired you to recycle/get a water bottle/bring your own bags/etc., or that you're impressed by it. thank you, thank you, thank you.)


KaritaG said...

Haha, well, I think that got the message across just as well! Nicely done. And thanks for the link love.

Greg said...

There are people that disparage you for being green? Crazy. You could totally point them to the quote on your banner and be like: what.

care said...

you betcha they do. some just don't believe that pollution is real. yesterday I actually had someone say "heh, you really think you're making a difference, don't you? your little greenness isn't going to change a thing at all."

no kidding.

next time I should totally quote the avett brothers. instead I said "maybe. but if I do it? and my friends start doing it? and their friends start doing it? it's better than nothing, and I'd like to have great grandchildren some day, thanks."


KaritaG said...

Sorry, but I would have to point out their rudeness, i.e., wow, that was rude! I mean, it's your personal choice to live that way. It's sort of like if you told someone "you really think showering is making a difference, don't you?" or "you really think saying please is making a difference, don't you?" or "you really think believin in God is making a difference, don't you?" Sheesh. Who cares. It's your life. I can see why people might be bugged if you like, force it on them, but to just say that about YOUR life is rude.

Fantabulous Faby Family blog said...

I love, respect, and look up to you for all of those things. Ignore the silly people. xoxo

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