Monday, September 08, 2008

"it's more like a mountain back there!"

~megan, yet again. on the subject of leggings et al.

for the most part this weekend was a good one. friday night was FANTASTIC, even though matt left work late and even though the red room folks did a poor job of managing reservations. that kind of stuff happens though, so it's all good. lara and kevin took us with them to use the gift certificate they'd purchased from, which is pretty rad. (restaurants advertise with them and offer, say, a $25 gift certificate for $10, sometimes less if they're running a special. they often exclude alcohol and add a gratuity and have a minimum purchase, but even so they're a deal. they got a $50 one for $6 once--that's AWESOME! and they're good for a year)

this was kevin's first night out in two weeks, and he's worked every single one of those days, so he was living it up, and bought himself, matt and me all a shot of liquid heroin. the shots were GIGANTIC and I could feel it coating my insides. yikes. the tapas were yummy, the company was excellent and we had quite the good time talking about how the club music wasn't jiving with the late-night-dinner crowd, ha! SO GLAD to have gone with them, so glad so glad.

saturday morning's rain ruined the photo shoot potential (and yes, ariel, we were wet!), and even though it was sunny at 1045 the ground was still soaking, and her pretty dress would've likely been dirty after. We are trying again for next weekend, so cross your fingers for me. I got up and was suddenly motivated to get the crap out of the kitchen, unpack some books, etc. It may not look like much, but I found our countertops!!! There are things on them in this picture, too, but at least they are all kitchen-related items. :) I'm hoping to get a bit more finished before friday night. we shall see. and I also organized more of my shelf! still very much a work in progress, but it's getting there!

after that I took a nap--a twenty minute nap turned into two hours when matt chose not to wake me--and we got ready and went over to the white's for sean's birthday party. I took exactly one picture of people while I was there, and that was when I was showing megan my camera since she's looking to buy a new one! But here's a pic of all the girls that I stole from facebook. :)

oh, and I played quarters. speed quarters to be precise. I hadn't played quarters since...since...last june, maybe? yeah, and that is the only other time I've ever played! I like speed quarters better though. I always like it when it feels like a competition!

sunday was a busybusy day. church of course, and more of the what-part-do-I-sing stuff, 'cause our director keeps changing me from soprano to alto depending on what he needs, which is usually fine, except that I sometimes get tired of re-learning pieces...but anyway, after church ran two errands, including one to michael's, where I got this loverly mirror for $7 on clearance. I didn't even know for sure where I'd put it, but I had decided I NEEDED it. and it was returnable. :) It is going in our bedroom, see?

after that and a quick trip to earthfare I went home to eat lunch and chill for ~40 min and then went right back to church at 3. We had our youth kickoff, which was like the olympics. I was on the green team, and we did quite well, I must say. This is when we were fishing--I was blindfolded and had to take one bite off the donut, swallow it and then take a second bite, all based on directions from the fisherman and without allowing the donut to touch the ground!

While here my friend Beth and I utilized our earlier flash of brilliance--so, I have a citipass book I bought last fall. I bought it from Beth, and it has LOTS of local coupons, many of which are buy one get one free. Matt and I have easily saved $50-$100 with this, maybe more. It's like an entertainment book, but I like it better and it has more local things.

Anyway, so the time has come to buy this year's book, and I said something to her about how even if you don't use all the coupons it's such a good deal! And she asked which coupons I didn't use, and we got to talking and quickly realized that the ones she wants (to things like the toy store by her house or for fast food or chargrill) aren't the ones I want (to bogarts, bloomsbury bistro, etc). There's some overlap of course (bruegger's, for instance!) but overall it was quite the case of one person's trash is another's treasure. AND she gave me an entertainment book since she'd ended up with three (only bought one) and it expires in December. And when we get our new books, we're switching again, hooray! Other people saw us doing the switch and were all like "Why didn't we think of that, that is SO smart!"

yay. :)


Fantabulous Faby Family blog said...

Citipass books.. Dave and I are obsessed with ours! I actually did it a split last year with a girl who lived in Cary.. She took all the cary ones and I took all the raleigh ones! So for $10 a piece we were both happy! I just got my new one this year and I am thrilled about it! yay for coupons!

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