Wednesday, September 10, 2008

eco-friendly review #1: method all surface wipes

okay, so, by their very nature, use-once wipes are not exactly what one would call "eco-friendly." in a lot of ways they're just as bad as using a paper towel.


sometimes? sometimes you need a wipe. you don't need a paper towel and you certainly don't need a dish rag. you need a wipe.

so, these wipes get an 8 in the book of Carrie. They are pretty durable--held up very well to multiple uses on the same stain on my kitchen
stove and they never tore even after some serious elbow grease.

I was surprised that they didn't have a whole lot of "moisture." I mean, yeah, they had cleanser on them, but I couldn't really see it on the countertop after I wiped and thought it picked up all of the coffee crumbs I guess I just wanted to "see" it working.

Also, the container is a p.i.t.a. I mean, it is superior to the ones that baby wipes and whatnot come in with the plastic top in a cross shape, but this guy is difficult to open AND the wipes sometimes come out 2 or 3 at a time, and then you have to shove the ones you don't want in there.

I liked that they stayed moist though. I don't use wipes very often, so it's nice to know that I won't come back to find them all dried up. Also, I think it is FABULOUS that they are biodegradable and compostable. I put one in my compost and we'll see if I can see it in a few months, hmm? One thing though: if you're ever, say, pre-spraying an area and then using the wipe, make sure that the cleaner you use is biodegradable as well (like other method products, seventh generation, etc). Otherwise, if you put, say, some Easy Off on your wipe, you'll be tainting all of your compost with that icky easy off...and I love it that these guys have no perfumes or dyes, either!

so overall, an 8. if you need discardable wipes, these are a good choice! gobi seems to like them too! (he's in the corner of the picture!)

ps: the number is courtesy of my friend janice.


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