Friday, February 01, 2008

i'm not into "it'll do for now."

hellllloooooooooooo, february!

so, as it was last year, it is a cold icky day. only, um, no snow. but I did get to have soup in a bowl for lunch, and I like that part. and since I'm trying this new don't-hate-on-february thing I will instead say "thank goodness it is friday."

also, I am a TERRIBLE Lost fan. I didn't watch it last night. I meant to reserve that evening, but instead I hung out with my friend jamie, at takeout sushi, drank champagne and watched Rent. And sang along. :)

and since Matt is going to attempt to play catch-up with Lost I am going to be a little behind at the beginning. I told him I HAD to watch the season premiere, and I'll totally be doing that tomorrow, but I may try to hold off so he can get up to where I am. I don't know how well this will work. The other alternative is for me to watch all the episodes with him as they come out.

I do believe I've found a coffee table I want to purchase. the ones I almost bought last week got sold, but there were other options online and I liked this one more. I need to make sure I won't be disappointed that I don't have a bottom shelf on the coffee table, but overall, I think it'll be quite nice, quite nice. we shall see.

and a little title-related-tangent, because I said it to a friend of mine today. I'm not an "it'll do for now" kind of person. I mean, I am occasionally, I guess, but in general, I'm not. case in point: coffee table, camera, green winter jacket, paintings, photographs, nasal saline, etc. he pointed out to me that he feels his time is worth enough that he's not going to spend lots of it thinking things out like I do--that he thinks a little and then goes for it. I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist.

and it's not that he's wrong--not only is he very right for him, but I also totally see his point. It's just that I wasn't raised like that. One of the bazillion lessons I learned growing up is you want the best deal for your money, and you better be happy with what you're getting. and you need to not make decisions (especially ones that have some type of impact on your day-to-day life) all willy nilly.

I admit that sometimes I do that. I'll up and decide to do this or that--but most of the time I've thought about it many a time before, and the only "up and decide" part is the actual decision to take action. Like my first tattoo, which I'd debated a million times and then just decided to do one day (much to the chagrin of my mother and then-fiance).

anyway, I was thinking of that.

and, um, here's the finished puzzle, finally, and some gratuitous pictures of my cats. because, well, they may seem unnecessary to you, but I thought gobi and hazel were pretty damn cute, and I couldn't resist. and for the record, NO, I didn't put gobi in a plastic bag, he LOVES them and it's darn near impossible to keep him away.

and the video? it's just for fun. man oh man, I love my kitty cats.


Melissa said...

oh my god, my cat gatsby looooves plastic bags, too. i can't even get the wal-mart bags unloaded before he's wiggled his way into one, licking it from the inside. i have a picture of him from one morning when he stuffed himself into the plastic bag from the sunday paper. he looked like he was in a sausage casing. i don't know how he hasn't suffocated himself.

reddiekim said...

Tatum LOVES to lick the inside of plastic bags. I'll hear her in the middle of the night licking bags. One thing that keeps me from fearing--cats have claws, so no fear of suffocation.

Ariel and Chris said...

the premiere was really good - watch it!

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