Friday, February 01, 2008

if you're the praying type...

or the warm-fuzzy sending type,
or the thinking good thoughts type,
or the positive vibe directing type,
or any other kind of applicable type,

...I'd like to make a request. my friends, the d*dds, are going through a miserable time. shannon, the wife (the husband tom is my former coworker) has been battling cancer. she had stage 4 melanoma about twelve years ago, but it was removed from her back and she was given the all clear. then last august they found more melanoma in her lung, and though they removed it successfully, they then found lesions in her brain. and despite two types of treatment, she now has bigger brain lesions with swelling and multiple spots in her abdomen, and today the doctor said that in six months she expects it to be a hospice situation.

they are incredible, positive and loving people and they have two precious boys that they've adopted in the past few years. and shannon has already had more than her fair share of medical battles--before this latest one started.

I know that we can't make things happen, but I also know it doesn't hurt to ask. At the very least, to ask for comfort and strength as they continue to wage this war. Their next stop is a hospital in NYC, where she will try a non-FDA-approved drug that is approved for "compassionate use."


m-m-m-melissa said...

i am all those kinds of types, and i got your back on this one.

Heather Kathleen said...

many prayers coming from me.

my stepmother, is also on a non-fda approved, compassionate drug.

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