Saturday, December 23, 2006

zero. aka dude.

I soooooooooo wish my flight were, oh, not at 735am. I mean, um, I'm super glad to be going to Tulsa, but seriously? Uh, yeah. Not so early. ugh.

It prolly wouldn't be so miserable if Mary Alise and I hadn't decided to have two and change bottles of wine this evening. Maybe my superpower really is drinking.

Also? theres not a *zero* thing for the twelve days of christmas countdown. i'm just sayin'.

this time tomorrow, which is 1130ish, pm, Tulsa time, I do hope I'm drinking with the coolest people in the city--meaning you better be there! my cell number is first 919, then the number of degrees in a circle (if you don't know google "how many degrees in a circle"), then 7+7=? then nine then zero. I, like Jackie, am e-stalker paranoid, just a tad. So, um, call, should you not have gotten the evite d'jour.

loves, my lovelies. and, um hooray!


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