Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas!

so, a short short preview of the trip thus far: our twelve days of christmas lyrics this year.

twelve turkish towels
eleven random gifts from aunt gayla
ten bowls of chili
a new female kitten
an infinity sign sideways
final fantasy seven
six pieces of chicken
five hoegaarden beers
a noogie from adam
a salt shaker on mountain dew
two turtle doves
and a beer in a tree.

I'm just saying. Expect a plethora of pictures. PLETHORA.

and so far, kudos to: sterling, ocd, sydney c, my wittle, tom, jessica, renee, cody, mike, ellen, chrissy, tim oneal, chris, christal, am (or em?), jackie, brooke and shannon for making my tulsa trip more fun!

yet to come: tales of hair, dresses, a yarn about yarn, theories about people who wait in line for bars at 145am, playing the cup game in a restaurant, a tale about girls who talk in bathrooms, lunches, my granddaddy, high heels, funny pictures, a very cute house owned by b&p, fun with jackie, shannon and brooke, how I should maybe be a patent lawyer/national geographic photographer, the disadvantages of having this and this (there are hand motions involved), beautiful art, funny family things (like my popsicle sticks I got as a late birthday present), how kids say the darnedest things et al.

just. you. wait.

happy holla-days and all, everyone! hope you and yours have a great time celebrating--I'm sure yule all enjoy it! :D


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