Friday, January 11, 2013

my how you have grown

I have a four and a half month old! More than a third of a year old! Wow!

She reached for my glasses, pulled them off and then did this.

Also, being a working momma is HARD. I'm at 75% and its hard. I think I average six real hours of sleep a night because I'm always waking to check on her at like 2am.

Work is like so:

10/1015 arrive, having dropped her off and pumped on the way there
1145 leave to feed her
1230 return
330-400 pumpity pump pump
530 or so head out.

Except I've had to stay later three times in the past six workdays. And worked at home tonight.

I'm definitely losing it a little. Thank goodness she is cute! And gave me the chance for some real sleep last night!!


ncmunchkin said...

It gets easier and you get into a routine. I've found that I had to prioritize things, especially since I have to be billable. So, while not ideal, my workday wasn't as productive to start with and I spent more time working at night than I wanted just to get it done. But just remember that it will get easier as you get more into a routine with her. She's adorable!

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