Saturday, December 29, 2012


occasionally, as a parent, I feel like a super-fool. okay more than occasionally. but still.

this means that our moments of brilliance must be celebrated!


the last five nights have been hellish. we have been woken up at crazy friggin hours. travel is certainly a member of the "to-blame" party. additionally we switched swaddles midweek for safety's sake (girlfriend is rolling over both ways and was freaking me out with her middle of the night back arching on her side). and Cleona was sleeping in a borrowed pack n play. we are 98% sure someone let their kiddo continue to play in it when they were well past the weight limit--the hard bottom/pad was more than a little curvy.

Also important to note: I slept for 3.5 total hours last night.

Thus, we are in survival mode. We decided this AM that if Cleona woke, after two pacifier attempts I would nurse her. Regular schedule be damned. Also, I suggested that perhaps she should sleep in our (full size) bed the whole night--I usually pull her in with us after the first AM feeding and she sleeps soundly then.

Matt took it one step further and suggested he sleep on the couch so Cleona and I could have plenty of space.

So far, so good. It's definitely going better than last night. Full update is forthcoming.


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